Hi, my name is Luis Conte and I live and work in Murcia, Spain.
I teach Basketball in the Sport’s Science Faculty of the University. I have enjoyed participating in Sports since my childhood. I also have always enjoyed Photography and have had several compact cameras, but since I bought my first SLR, the Nikon D200, a new World opened for me, with a quality and detail unknown. It makes me enjoy this hobby more and more. I am interested in nature and all its manifestations: animals, flowers, insects, macros, sceneries, etc. At this time I own a D300 and several optical cameras, and Photography takes my ‘free time”.
Digital photography and reflex cameras, together with the Internet have revolutionized the “photography world,”, as I knew it. For editing, I use Photoshop CS3, Adobe Lightroon and Capture NX and do all mi photos in RAW.
Finding the Renderosity Website got me in contact with great professionals in the field. The great photos and friends that I see help me improve my work, day by day, I am a beginning photographer with my feet on the ground. I am honest as far as my work. Only by seeing the best work I can appreciate where I am and what I can achieve.
Think about the name of my Site “Take it to the limit”.. the title of an Eagle’s song I really enjoy. It makes me wonder, where is the limit when you are trying to reach something you value?
If you work hard, you can get close to your goals, not only in photography, but in all aspects of life.

Thanks to all the members of the Renderosity family and my friends.

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Luis conte

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